Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Damon on Jools: "Mr. Tembo" live

here's the audio.... 

of my very favorite song about a baby elephant.... Mr. Tembo

Friday, April 25, 2014

Cretin Stompers Debut Album Out Next Month

Being Attacked" Debut LP - Cover Artwork by William Eggleston -AVAILABLE VINYL/DIGITAL MAY 13TH VIA HoZac Records (HZR147) — with Bïg Müff RädioBilly Hayesand Alex Gatz.

Feat. Billy Hayes (ex-Jay Reatard, ex-Wavves) on drums, The Cretin Stompers debut album will be released in May 2014.

SF Gate: Paul McCartney to play Candlestick's final show

Matier & Ross | April 24, 2014

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Jim Marshall/1966
The Beatles walking to the Candlestick Stage on Aug. 29, 1966 where they played their final paid concert.
Photo: Jim Marshall, 1966
Paul McCartney is coming back to San Francisco for a send-off concert at Candlestick Park - the last scheduled event ever at the 54-year-old stadium.
The former Beatle said Thursday that he'll play the final show at the Stick on Aug. 14, ending a back-and-forth drama that had the city competing against the 49ers for the right to play host to the music legend.
"Sir Paul McCartney is a class act, and I am very grateful that he's coming back to Candlestick to help us give this iconic landmark the goodbye it deserves," said Mayor Ed Lee.
"To add a concert like this, one that's not only just great on a purely entertainment level, but one that is rooted in the city's history and musical history, is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event."
The concert will be jointly produced by the city and Another Planet, the rock promoters who have been putting on McCartney shows in the Bay Area since a 1990 performance at UC Berkeley's Memorial Stadium.
Another Planet's Gregg Perloff said tickets would probably range from $50 to $275 - the same prices for McCartney's appearance at AT&T Park in 2010. They will go on sale to the general public May 5.
McCartney is tacking the show onto his "Out There" tour, which is definitely taking him out there, to cities big - Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans - and not so big - Lincoln, Neb.; Fargo, N.D.; and Lubbock, Texas.
Lee personally invited McCartney to close the Stick when the former Beatle played the Outside Lands festival in Golden Gate Park last year. The idea was to say goodbye to the ballpark where the Beatles played their final paid concert in 1966.
Everything was looking good until McCartney's envoys toured Candlestick last month and told city officials that, by the way, they were negotiating with the 49ers to have Sir Paul christen the team's new Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara with a concert in August instead.
Team executives told the city they had been approached about hosting a McCartney show by Live Nation, the national promoter that has a financial stake in the musician's management company.
"It was natural for McCartney to consider the new stadium - it is the bright, new, shiny penny," said one person close to the deal on the city side.
San Francisco officials kept at it: "We just kept pushing and were persistent and drove the deal down the field," said Phil Ginsburg, general manager of the city Recreation and Park Department, which operates Candlestick.
No hard feelings, said the Niners.
"We are excited to hear that Paul McCartney will play the final concert ever at Candlestick Park," said team spokesman Bob Lange. "It is sure to be a great event for the entire Bay Area, and we are pleased to provide support in any way we can."

Grammy Museum: The Sounds of Laurel Canyon (May 9 - November 30)

The Libertines to Reunite in Hyde Park in July!!!

.... with The Pogues and Spiritualized too!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pixies song "Gigantic" used in new iPhone Commercial

Hmmm.... not sure how I feel about this.... On one hand, it's smacks of rank commericialization.... on the other hand, it's always a good time to hear a classic Pixies song.... and these guys deserve some money finally.... but curious that it's a song most identified with departed bassist Kim Deal....

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Joseph Arthur's Lou Reed Tribute: "Coney Island Baby"

Damon + Eno = "Heavy Seas of Love" (official video)

When your soul isn’t right
And it’s raw to the night
It’s in your hands
When the traces of dark come
To fade in the light
You’re in safe hands

Heavy seas of love
Radiance is in you
As above so below
On the heavy seas of love

Heavy seas of love
We come together in you
Counting out the new moons
On the heavy seas of love

If the world is too tall
You can jump you won’t fall
You’re in safe hands
What the day will now give
How those seeds will now live
It’s in your hands

Heavy seeds of love
Radiance is in you
As above so below
On the heavy seas of love

Heavy seas of love
We come together in you
As above so below
On the heavy seas of love

Heavy seeds of love
Radiance is in you
As above so below
On the heavy seas of love

Heavy seas of love
We come together in you
As above so below
As above so below
On the heavy seas of love

Stream the whole album here for now....

Sunday, April 20, 2014

NME: Jack White Record Store Day Performance

April 20, 2014 10:00

Jack White makes history with world's fastest released record Jack White Tickets

The singer also debuts new material during day of festivities at Third Man Records in Nashville
Jack White makes history with world's fastest released record
Photo: Getty
Jack White made history yesterday by producing the world's fastest released record during a day of festivities to mark Record Store Day at his Third Man studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

At 10am on Saturday (April 19), the singer took to the stage in the Blue Room of his studio to record a limited edition direct-to-acetate single. The room is the only live venue in the world where artists can record live shows straight to vinyl. The masters were then rushed over to United Record Pressing plant in Nashville, which began pressing the 45s before they were delivered back to hundreds of fans queuing outside Third Man, some of whom had queued all night to be there.

At the morning gig, White walked onto stage flanked by two men in helmets dressed like characters from 1970s cop programme Chip for the intimate studio show, tickets for which had sold out in 23 seconds. He began with the title track and first single from his forthcoming second solo album 'Lazaretto', the A-Side to the Record Store Day single. He then recorded a cover of Elvis Presley's 'The Power Of My Love' for the B-Side.

During the performance, a screen to the right of the stage showed a close up of the acetate template for the record being produced before an announcement declared that "the records have left the building!"

"Originally, we were gonna play these two tracks then go back to sleep," White told the crowd. "But we thought you'd like it if we played a couple more."

He then launched into The White Stripes' 'Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground' before heading straight into 'Freedom At 21' and 'Three Women' – two tracks from his 2012 debut solo album 'Blunderbuss'. He then picked up an acoustic guitar for more solo tracks – 'Weep Themselves to Sleep' and 'Love Interruption'. A rendition of The White Stripes' 'Ball And Biscuit' saw the crowd sing all the vocals as White jammed along.

"We're gonna try a new song," he then told the audience, before premiering honky tonk rock track 'Just One Drink'. White Stripes track 'Hotel Yorba' was followed by another new track, 'Would You Fight For My Love' - a brooding number about a relationship breakdown, which culminates in White shrieking "I want you to fight for my love".

After the show, White then rushed off to the United Record Pressing to oversee the pressing process as more fans queued outside to get a copy in the sunshine.

Some 3 hours, 55 minutes and 21 seconds later, White returned in a black car flanked by the two men on motorbikes dressed as police officers to sell the first copy of the 7" on the specially constructed stall outside the Third Man shop. The first customers were Whirlwind Heat – who then went inside to play their first gig in eight years in the Blue Room for a one-off reunion to mark the re-issue of their 2003 LP 'Do Rabbits Wonder?'

"I woke up at about 4 in the morning last night, and I thought, 'Wow. I think there's about 12 or 13 things that could really go wrong tomorrow,' he told a press conference. "I just thought how difficult it would be to explain to people if we didn't pull it off, so thank God we did."

"When you just go gangbusters and attack something, it just seems to work out. All the molecules line up or something," he added.

Speaking about Record Store Day generally, he said: "It's bigger than ever. Every neighbourhood wants to have one [an independent record store] and the thousands of people you see here at Third Man and Grimeys and record stores all around Nashville even – you can see how popular and important that is to people."

Jack White played:

'The Power Of My Love'
'Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground'
'Freedom At 21'
'Three Women'
'Weep Themselves to Sleep' and 'Love Interruption'
'Ball And Biscuit'
'Just One Drink'
'Hotel Yorba'
'Would You Fight For My Love'