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Roger Waters continued his increasingly reasoned defense of his very anti-Trump live show he’s been touring through the US, with a newly surfaced CNN interview. The network’s Michael Smerconish presses the political issue even further with the legendary Pink Floyd bassist, drawing out some nuggets of wisdom on Katy Perry, the news media, and choosing art over commerce.
Focusing on how the political content of the tour may alienate some of the fans in the states that he’s touring through, Smerconish wonders what it’s like when concertgoers walk out on the highly charged political atmosphere. (Fans in New Orleans booed anti-Trump images on sight.)
“This is no big surprise to me. But I do find it slightly surprising that anybody could have been listening to my songs for 50 years without understanding.” What about people who are searching for escapism? “Go see Katy Perry. Watch the Kardashians. I don’t care. Whatever you want to do. Go escape.”
When asked if going over the top with the show helps Trump’s caused, Waters responded, “I don’t think help or hindering. We need to survive his presidency, because it’s totally unpredictable. I don’t think he knows what he’s going to do…” He goes on to say he’s given up on the mainstream media and all the talking heads in regard to ties to the Russia campaign, calling the situation “irrelevant to the larger picture.” He continues: “The problem is entertainment has been mixed up with news a lot in this country.”
When Smerconish wonders if Waters has lost touch with a potential marketshare by alienating people through politics, he puts his morals to his money.
“In life you have to make your choices, between doing the right thing and the thing that makes you the most money.”
Smerconish even gets in a scold over a performance of Dark Side of the Moon that he ties to 9/11 and Guantanamo Bay.
“I only wish we could sit here and talk about love more,” Rogers concludes the interview. You can watch it below.
Recently, Waters took Thom Yorke to task over a controversial Radiohead show in Tel Aviv; Long Island officials tried to shut down a show there over his criticism of Israel. He’s on tour in the US and Canada through October.