Monday, March 9, 2015

New M.I.A. Song "Can See Can Do"

San Francisco Anti-Apartheid Protests 1984 −1986, Blockade of South African Cargo at the Docks

San Francisco Longshoremen stood with their brothers and sisters in South Africa and refused to unload South African cargo in San Francisco. Activists from the community joined them on the docks.

As a result of what was happening in South Africa and the work of activists in the US, Europe, and around the world, apartheid was defeated. Nelson Mandela was freed from prison and became President of South Africa.

Sometimes things seem hopeless, but as Robert Thurman pointed out at a March 10th (Tibetan Uprising Day) demonstration a few years back, no one thought the Berlin Wall was going to fall... no one thought apartheid would fall... but they did.

So if we want it, and if we work on it, Tibet can be free, China can be free, Russia can be free, America can be free, Palestine and Israel can be free, Everywhere can be free...

Your humble editor being thrown into a police van for protesting South African cargo coming into San Francisco, 1986....