Monday, August 31, 2015

Pete Doherty: I'm So Glad You Didn't Die

Dear Pete:

So good to see you in this video and so glad you are alive here among us in this miserable claptrap; poets like you make it somewhat bearable here.

You've got to admit it wasn't looking good there for a minute. The addiction and the self-destructive behaviour made us all cringe in the knowledge that we would one day wake to the news (oh boy): "...And today in London pop singer Pete Doherty was found..."

So I am very very glad that you managed to find yourself before it was too late.

Because, you see, we need people like you. The poets are those who navigate the unnavigatable, sending back dispatches to those of us waiting on the shore. You go there first, and let us know what's on the other side, that there are no monsters there, that you won't fall off the edge if you keep going.

So well, thanks so much for sticking it out with us here. We know it can't always be easy. But thanks for being. Here. Now.