Saturday, January 2, 2021

Cool, New Music Coming Out in Early 2021

Expected in January/February 2021:

Steve Earle J.T. - Steve Earle's tribute to the songs of his late son, singer/songwriter Justin Townes Earle, who passed away recently from an overdose caused by fentanyl-tainted cocaine.

The Band Stage Freight (Deluxe Remix 2020). Extra tracks include live recordings from a hotel in Calgary in 1970 and a concert in London in 1971

Bob Dylan 1970. Includes studio takes with George Harrison.

The Hold Steady Open Door Policy. I'm not as fond of the band as I once was, but I'll give this a listen.

Julien Baker Little Oblivions. I know her from her work with Phoebe Bridgers in boygenius. She's great.

PJ Harvey Is This Desire? (Demos). PJ has been releasing the demos of her first albums from the 90s and they are a revelation. Powerful. Primal.