Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jim James solo track "Know Til Now"

Jim James (AKA Yim Yames) is releasing a solo album. He's known as the ethereal singer of My Morning Jacket, originally a country-folk type outfit from Kentucky, but also exploring funk, soul, motown, jazz, world, ambient, trip hop... practically everything... Others know him from his tours with Monsters of Folk (himself, Conor Oberst & Mike Moggis of Bright Eyes, and M. Ward) and his excellent George Harrison tribute.

I enjoyed his singing and wild bass playing with New Multitudes (with Jay Farrar and others).

This new song is good, but it's neither rock nor americana, my two preferred genres, both of which Jim James excels at. He's a great artist, and his fans have got to give him space to experiment, but I would rather here more of his other-worldly vocals, wrapped in a nice guitar.. electric or acoustic, i don't mind...

i guess this is more my speed...

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