Friday, January 25, 2013

Free download of new Strokes MP3 "One Way Trigger"

Stream or download a free MP3 of The Strokes' new single "One Way Trigger" from The Strokes website

What's with all the synthesizers? Isn't The Strokes' whole reason to exist to save guitar-based music? Ok, there is a cool guitar solo, but the lead is all synth.

Earlier this morning I listened to the new Tegan and Sara album "Heartthrob",  wherein they unveil their "new, improved" ready for prime time pop sound. Again, full of synths. Yuck.

Give me guitar!

P.S. Remo Williams points out in a comment on NME's Facebook posting about this song that it sounds an awful lot like a song by the Mexican group Mana.... wow, it sure does... Remo described it as a "sample".... do The Strokes credit Mana for the music or did they just take it or do they claim that they wrote the music and it "just happens" to sound like the Mana song?

UPDATE: A Brazilian fan points out the song also sounds like this one:

Many others said it reminded them of this "classic":

None of these comparisons is particularly complimentary, and online fan comments seem to indicate that I am not alone in feeling pretty nonplussed about The Strokes new sound.

P.S. Shouldn't it be "Take Me On"? Oh, it's called "English as a Second Language"....

P.S.S. @TheStrokes: the goal is to have people say your new song reminds them of a riff from an obscure nugget by Scott Walker or Velvet Underground or The Stooges or Arthur Lee.... NOT A-Ha and Mana.....

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