Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Portland: Day 11

Went downtown to Occupy Portland yesterday, Day 11.

Most of the people I talked to had been camping there since the beginning, and there have been several rainy days during that period.

Fortunately, most of the occupiers have good tents and tarps and are keeping pretty dry.

The protesters seemed very young, many of them high school age, but all of them with clear purpose of protesting corporate and government malfeasance and building a world that is different.

It reminded me a lot of Rainbow Gatherings or the 1985 sit-in at the Biko Steps, UC Berkeley campus, during the anti-apartheid encampment.

They say we can't have a world without capitalism, but there it is for all to see - a "society" based on volunteerism, sharing, cooperation, donations... the very opposite of the gnashing of knives and teeth that is capitalism, war machine politics, and imperialism, based on stealing, exploitation, competition, war, and other forms of killing (including spiritual).

                                           Sticky has camped out here since the beginning

Gotta dig the community garden.... one occupier told me that all parks should feature such gardens to beautify and feed the hungry....

Some people cooked, some people cleaned, some people put up extra tarps for the expected rain.

Some people rocked, some people spit rhymes, some people danced... I didn't see anyone crying...

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