Friday, October 7, 2011

Girls, Wonder Ballroom, Portland, October 6, 2011

Setlist (above), Encore: "Jamie Marie" and "Hellhole Retrace"

Christopher Owens & Co. from San Francisco's wonderful indie pop group Girls (yes, which is all Guys), hit Portland's Wonder Ballroom on their current tour promoting their fantastic new album Father Son Holy Ghost

Christopher Owens of Girls: a pop genius on par with brian wilson

Girls' secret weapon? That incredible lead guitarist! Still trying to confirm if the current touring guitarist is John Anderson, who played on many of the recordings. Whoever he is, he's a fucking great guitarist! [UPDATE: his name is Evan Weiss....]

Band co-founder JR plays a subtle bass, and the rich album sound is nicely augmented by keys (Dan Eisenberg) and drummer Darren Weiss (Evan's brother) in concert.... the female background singers, featured on the album and in some live performances, were sadly absent, but the band put on a great show and the crowd did too.

Christopher has obviously consulted with a PR specialist to map out each step on his path to world pop culture domination. First, write a catchy radio-ready pop song ("Lust for Life" from the debut album "Album" from a couple of years ago).... but then include the phrase "fucked in the head", guaranteeing that no radio station will play said song. Next, make a video for your catchy pop song to reach out and make new fans.... but then include a scene of your friend getting a blow job (fellow San Francisco superstar Hunx from Hunx & His Punkx), guaranteeing that no program will ever play said video. Then, make a beautiful song about "looking for love" and begging an errant lover to "come into to my heart".... and title it "Vomit", which will force fans to look at some disgusting videos before they find yours...

Clearly the work of some PR guru....

The new album is genius.... grab it right away.... and while you're at it, check out Girls' EP from last year "Broken Dreams Club" for the best damaged twisted romantic indie pop this side of Samsara.


[Update: (october 8, 2011) some dude in mumbai, india just googled "fucking girls" and he got this article! hahahahahaha!!!!!!!]

[Update: (october 13, 2011) some poor dude in union city, california just googled "san francisco blowjob" and was very very disappointed to get this article instead.... :(           ]

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