Friday, October 7, 2011

Occupy Portland! Day 1: Pictures & Videos from #occupyportland

Yesterday was Day 1 of Occupy Portland, the latest in a series of demonstrations that started with Occupy Wall Street in New York.

Over 5,000 people, young or young at heart, gathered at noon under the Burnside Bridge, later marching to Pioneer Square and some ultimately camping in near-by city parks.

The protests are to continue today and through the week.

we were playing Revolutionary Hackysack (despite Liam Finn's advice the other night...) when someone kicked the hack into the river 30 feet below.

Will took extraordinary measures to recover the errant hackysack.

The Sheriffs had two boats in the river, and they became alarmed when they saw Will down on the dock with a stick, trying to get his hack back. After checking him out for a minute, they gave him a ride to shore and he returned to the protest.... with the hackysack!

Then people marched from the waterfront to the main square, Pioneer (Courthouse) Square...

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