Monday, July 25, 2011

Jeff The Brotherhood's Favorites

Jeff the Brotherhood

Nashville brothers Jake and Jamin Orall started playing garage rock as JEFF the Brotherhood years ago when they were still in high school. In between then and now, they started and left Be Your Own Pet, scored a live album on Jack White’s Third Man Records, and earned national acclaim on their own label and their own terms. Since the release of 2009’s Heavy Day, the Oralls’ sound has gotten a bit brighter, a bit poppier, culminating with this year’s power-punk collection, We are the Champions. Jake Orall penned this week’s Listed feature.

1. The Beach Boys - Today
The Beach Boys were my first favorite band, and I think they still are. They are the reason I like pop music. And love songs.

2. Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick
I think this is the first really heavy band I got into. They wouldn’t be really considered conventionally heavy, I guess, but the first record has some pretty fuckin’ serious riffs. I guess they got me into riffs.

3. Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream
Smashing Pumpkins were my third favorite band, The Beatles being my second. Billy Corgan is probably my second favorite guitarist next to Randy Holden.

4. Veruca Salt - American Thighs
When I got super heavy into Smashing Pumpkins, I was super heavy into Veruca Salt, too. Its first album holds up and is still one of my fav rock records ever.

5. The Ramones - Road To Ruin
Everyone knows The Ramones are the best because they sound like The Beach Boys, but harder.

6. Hawkwind - In Search of Space
Hawkwind was the second space-rock band I got into and it really blew my mind. We are pretty influenced by them.

7. Can - Future Days
You can hear a lot of German ‘70s experimental sounds in our earlier albums, Can is one of my favorites, along with Amon Duul II, NEU!, Kraftwerk and La Dusseldorf.

8. Mountain - Climbing!
Mountain was the band that got me into southern hard rock. They are great and heavy as hell.

9. Randy Holden - Population II
The ultimate heavy guitar record. ULTIMATE!

10. Weezer - Blue Album

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