Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jack White to play with The Raconteurs - first show in 2 years!

The Raconteurs, featuring Jack White and Brendan Benson as co-frontmen, both of them singing and guitaring, will play at the Michigan festival in September, their first show in 2 years.

Since The White Stripes were on hiatus (and have since officially announced they were through), Jack White fans were overjoyed to see him play with The Raconteurs, where he played with a full band (instead of the two-piece that was The White Stripes).

But then came The Dead Weather, with Alison as the front"man", and Jack stuck behind the drum kits except for a song or two on guitar. Fun as it was to see him drum (and he sang some from behind the kit too), many of us felt it was a waste of one of the world's greatest guitarists.

So now we're happy we will see him back out front, back on guitar, where he fucking belongs!

This festival performance is just the first of many, right guys?

The Raconteurs released two fine albums and performed all over the place. I caught them at the Treasure Island Festival a couple of years back on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay. Great show. let's hope they release a third album and tour the hell out of it.

The Raconteurs also features Jack Lawrence (Greenhornes, Dead Weather) on bass, Patrick Keller (Greenhornes) on drums, and Dean Fertita (Queens of The Stone Age, Dead Weather) on keyboards.

Long may they rock....

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