Friday, July 22, 2011

Bob Dylan's Grandson, Pablo Dylan, Drops a HipHop Mixtape

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Pablo Dylan, Bob Dylan’s Grandson, Rapping and Producing; Works with Young Money

Thursday, July 21, 2011 10:05 AM | 29 comments
By Jake Crates
(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop has again proven it has no bounds with respect to its growth and participation, as recently, Pablo Dylan, Bob Dylan’s grandson, broke onto the Hip-Hop scene with a mixtape where he produces and raps on the project.

Bob Dylan known for the political and social messages in his music, is widely regarded as the voice of the rock, folk, and hippie generation of the 1960s.

“I mean, really, my grandfather, I consider him the Jay-Z of his time, and he definitely has a legacy that a lot of people look up to," Pablo Dylan told in an exclusive interview. "He feels strongly about my music and I love him to death.”

Pablo is the son of the famous folk singer’s son, Jesse, famous for having directed music videos for Tom Petty and Lenny Kravitz, and for having directed the Will.I.Am music video for "Yes We Can," inspired by President Barack Obama's historic run in 2008.

“We just put out the mixtape 10 Minutes; we got like 50,000 views on that, and I just got back in the studio to work on things and perfect everything.” Pablo said.

“My single with Little Chuckee and Darnell Robinson is dropping soon," an excited Pablo said about his song with Young Money’s Lil’ Chuckee. “Me and Darnell did a song on my mixtape, he hooked me up with all the people and they sent the song back with a hook and few verses.”

Pablo, soon to turn 16, is an avid Hip-Hop fan and cites Eminem’s Eminem Show as the first hip-hop album where he really fell in love with the music.

With 10 Minutes as the first project he has released, as most would imagine, Pablo has an extensive musical background.

“This was the first project I ever came out with, and it was meant to show people what I have been working for, and how I really want to differentiate myself from everyone else. This project is all the hard work from being a little kid messing around on the piano up until now,” a proud Pablo Dylan professed about his music.

However, Pablo seems to understand the light that will be shed on his music due to his grandfather’s legacy, and hopes that people will pay attention to his music, more so than the legacy Bob Dylan has left for the world.

“Of course we do two different things, and I don’t want people to see me for what he has done. But, what I have done, I mean from a musical and personal standpoint, is definitely influenced by him," Pablo Dylan told "Everyone around me influences me, and I have learned so much from him just listening to his records, but I hope his music continues to live on through what I continue to do the rest of my life.”

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