Monday, August 15, 2011

New Stephen Malkmus (ex-Pavement) streaming at NPR


Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks new album Mirror Traffic is streaming at NPR:

Dude! This album is Awe-some!!!?!?@?!???!?!

You've heard Senator and maybe even stopped laughing out loud or snorting every time you hear it by now, but there are plenty of other rockin' songs on the disc... check out Brain Gallop, Stick Figures in Love, Share the Red, Spazz, and Tune Grief. Beck-produced, you'll hear a little Beatles, a little Beefheart, a little Pavement (ok, alot of Pavement)... the whimsical stoned absurdist lyrics, pop sensibility fighting anarchist avant guard obscurist tendencies.... but the secret weapon is Malkmus' guitar playing, a joy to see down in Big Sur with The Jicks a couple years back, as well as with the reunited Pavement.

Let's hope Malkmus gets his due with this release and accompanying tour.... he deserves it.... bout time, no?

(And best of luck to ex-Jick, Janet Weiss, currently burning things up drumming for Wild Flag....)

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