Thursday, August 18, 2011

Girls New Album Leaks!

The highly-anticipated new album Father, Son, Holy Ghost from the San Francisco group Girls has leaked on pirate sites online.

On Girls' Facebook, this appeared:

‎95% of people here discussing GIRLS record have stolen it.

That may be the case, but what choice do people who need to hear the album now have? It's not officially released till next month. These are obviously rabid fans, who will spread the word about the new album, and spend money to see the band play live, buy merch, etc.

i understand the frustration of musicians but it always sounds distasteful when they blame the fans or when someone like Dr Dre accuses downloaders of taking food from the mouths of his children (as if...) and many of us have thought poorly of 
Metallica since their anti-piracy campaign.

Hey Chris, don't blame the kids. 

Blame the music industry. They've been ripping off both artists and consumers for years. The CD rip off is one of the biggest heists of all time. Take a product worth $1 and sell it for $10-$20. That was just greed. So if online piracy comes along and offers kids all the music they want for free, of course many will take it. 

I used to buy a lot of CDs. But I can't afford to buy all the music i want. i download a lot, but i also support bands who are touring and am helping to spread the word (i think). shouldn't that be part of your marketing campaign, to release the album to trendsetters in advance so they can spread the word?

as long as piracy remains easy and without consequences, it will continue.

people are working on ways to make legal downloading cheap and easy, or offering subscription plans where you can listen to unlimited music for a monthly fee. when those things become feasible, more people will use those services. some people don't want to spend the time or risk of an illegal download.

until then, bands have to make a living by touring.

and chris, we love you and your music but stop whining. you should be glad people want to hear your music. not everyone is rich.


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