Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Unknown Mortal Orchestra Daytrotter Session

UMO's Daytrotter session can be downloaded free here:

You can get an exclusive Unknown Mortal Orchestra song, "Honey Bee", in exchange for putting your email on UMO's mailing list here:

UMO's psychedelic mixtape for The Stool Pigeon is here:

Arthur Lee “Everybody’s Gotta Live”
Gordons “Spik and Span”
Michel Poinareff “Tout, Tout Pour Ma Cherie”
Tall Dwarfs “Turning Brown and Torn In Two”
The Children “Fire Ring”
The Chills “Pink Frost”
The Clean “Beatnik”
The French Church “Slapneck 1943”
The Pagens “Mystic Cloud”
The Verlaines “Death And The Maiden”

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