Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pop Culture Notes: "Weeds", Tune Yards, and Zooey Deschanel

Hot on the heels of Thee Oh Sees getting a song on "Breaking Bad" last Sunday, we got to hear Tune Yards' wonderful soulful "Gangsta" on Monday's "Weeds".

Then there is Zooey Deschanel, featured on advertisements everywhere as "The New Girl", star of an upcoming network primetime situation comedy.

Perhaps I am not the only one to harbor "mixed feelings" about "one of ours" uh hem "making it big".

Of course we are delighted that the delightful Miss Zooey, an at least honorary member of indie alt nation, is all over the mainstream culture. We're taking over! Or are we having one pulled over on us?

I'm still a little mad at Zooey for not letting Matt Ward sing more in their duo She & Him. But, c'mon, we've seen her movies (oh, and she was formerly Andy's wacky girlfriend on "Weeds" also...)

...and she's so sweet! I could no sooner say I dislike her than I could confess my disdain for children, flowers, and puppies. I would sooner kick a cripple in a wheelchair than throw mud on Zooey's parade.

Well, best of luck, girl.... but don't network sit-coms always suck? Except for "Seinfeld"....

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