Monday, September 12, 2011

"Get Smart" and The Sacred Cows

The Cold War-era spy parody Get Smart, by comic geniuses Buck Henry and Mel Brooks, was on American TV 1965 - 1970. The show featured American spies (CONTROL) working day and night to save the free world from the evil terrorists of KAOS (stand-ins for the Russians and/or generic Bond bad guys).

One of KAOS' evil plots to take over the world was to brainwash the youth through psychedelic rock n roll. F Troop's Larry Storch (Corporal Agarn) played "The Groovy Guru", promoting the band The Sacred Cows. The Sacred Cows were a fictional band, played by LA session musicians, who also recorded the song "Kill Kill Kill", featured in the episode.

The Sacred Cows were: Ben Benay (guitar), Jerry Scheff (who played bass on many studio tracks, inc. some Seeds and Doors songs, and toured with Elvis, Dylan, and several others) and guitarist John Greek (who played on The Seeds' "Wind Blows Your Hair" and numerous other recordings).

Thrill, thrill, thrill
Kill, kill, kill
Make a scene
Knock off a dean
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Bump off a square
That's what it's about
Hate is in
Love is out
Kill, kill, kill
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah....

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