Friday, October 28, 2016

This Week's Playlist: What You Really Should Be Listening To...

Leonard Cohen: You Want It Darker  He's the best. Respect.

Van Morrison: Keep Me Singing Van is classic. This new one fits right in.

The Growlers: City Club latest from Southern California Beach Goth rockers. Love Blake's deep voice and... am I going out on a limb to say they remind me of The Doors?

Swet Shop Boys: Cashmere - lively offering from Das Racist's Heems and Riz Ahmed (HBO's The Night Of). It's the album you hoped M.I.A. would release in 2016 but didn't. Swet Shop Boys nailed it. Funny, funky, political - what else do you need from a record?

Bridge School Benefit 2016 (Bootleg): "Forever Young" Roger Waters, Neil Young, Jim James (My Morning Jacket), "Blowin' In The Wind" Neil Young, and "Helpless" Neil Young with My Morning Jacket

Bob Dylan & Eric von Schmidt: Bob And Eric's Blues - what could be a great stand-alone album16 tracks (including what is believed to be the first recording of "Mr. Tambourine Man") recorded by the two friends at Eric's Sarasota, Florida home, part of Bob Dylan's 50th Anniversary Collection 1964

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