Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stone Roses Reunion Rumour, Part The VI....

Wow, haven't heard a peep about this rumor for weeks now...

But then I remembered that, bass player Mani, who was throwing large buckets of ice water on these reports, also had a major falling out a few months back with fellow Freebass band member Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order), blasting off via Twitter:

"3 things visible from space, Great Wall of China, Peter Hook's wallet stuffed with Ian Curtis' blood money, Man City's empty trophy cabinet!... I've actually got an ongoing career, so I don't feel the need to exploit my past glories. I exist in the here and the now..."

"used to adore the man, now he's a self centred sellout reduced to hawking his mates corpse around to get paid. And he can't play"

"either personally or professionally. ever wondered why im universally loved, and another manc ex legend in his own mind is despised by most."

"we were all laughing behind his back watching the stupid wank struggle to do the same old shit he's done for the last 30 years !!"
Jeez, Mani, tell us what you really think....

Hmmm... I guess if you read between the lines there, what with the comments linking nostalgia and prostitution and such, you could glean that Mani would be less than enthusiastic about a Stone Roses reunion.... By the way, Mani's Twitter account (ah hem.... "Mani scream"? Well, yes, Primal Scream, but it is a funny handle for someone known for his temper) has been disabled, which might be for the best... The online version of drunk dialing has led some to call for a device to disable posting to, or purchasing from, websites unless the writer can successfully blow into a straw to prove they are not inebriated, especially after midnight... Perhaps in Mani's case, it can be a device that measures acceptable levels of anger....

Mani later apologized: “I wish to apologise unreservedly to Peter Hook and his family regarding comments made on a social networking site, which was totally out of character for me. It was a venomous, spiteful reaction to a lot of things that are going on in my life right now and I chose to vent my frustrations and anger at one of my true friends in this filthy business, and ventured into territory which was none of my concern... The Freebass thing has tipped me over the edge and became the focus of my bilious rants. Twenty-two years of being tripped up, face down in the mud and being kicked in the face with an iron boot will do that to the most stable of men. I hope I haven’t blown a great friendship forever. Sorry Pete.”

Hooky took the high road: “Mani is a great friend of mine and he always will be,” he commented. “I have the utmost respect for him as a person and musician. Have none of you ever fallen out with somebody you love?"

No one ever really explained how Freebass was supposed to work, featuring three high-profile British bass players (the third being Andy Rourke from The Smiths).

But, in retrospect, the fallout from Freebass' demise in September 2010, clearly echoed through Mani's anger about the Stone Roses reunion reports, especially since they were based on an alleged rapprochement that allegedly happened at Mani's mother's funeral, where people were meant to be mourning and paying their respects, not talking biz.

I can only say that people who have seen Hooky doing Joy Division songs lately have given it big thumbs up.

And, safe to say, people all over the UK, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa would rejoice over a Stone Roses reunion... Whereas Americans, aside from a few Anglophiles, would say, "Who?" Maybe the lads don't care, but perhaps a reunion would give Americans a chance to finally appreciate what The Stone Roses are all about...

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