Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let's Hear it for PJ Harvey....

 ... she managed to make an intelligent statement about society and politics and violence and war with her new album, and managed to do so in a way that was serious without being preachy, self-righteous, or self-aggrandizing (something some of our male would-be rocker/guilty-tripping "voices of conscience" have failed to do... Sting, Bobo...oops, i mean Bono;;;;)


she managed to do so with songs that rock and sound good and feel good.

Free download of PJ Harvey live in San Francisco April 14, 2011 here...

The above link is a 38-minute version of the concert at San Francisco's Warfield Theater... This link is the whole concert (72 min.)

(pause for 420 break on April 20, 4/20, at 4:20 pm...)

some of them have reggae overtones, and others suggest rock and other forms, but regardless of the sound, it's always her, and she has something to say.... wow, a female artist over 25 who's managed to stay cool AND relevant.... now, that's something...

P.S. Everyone says she put on a killer show at Coachella 2011, despite being drowned out a few times from the main stage...

"Let England Shake" the new album from PJ Harvey

Good Interview in The Observer (UK) Apr 24, 2011 click here

famed NME cover Apr 4, 1992

Maybe many people will use this occasion, when everyone is appreciating her new album, to go back and listen to her entire body of work... there are some amazing songs to be discovered and re-discovered and uncovered and some covers, like PJ and Bjork doing The Stones' "Satisfaction".... some cool stuff for sure....

   "....i've seen soldiers fall like lumps of meat...."

"what if i take my problem to the U-nited Na-tions?...."

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