Monday, April 11, 2011

San Francisco's Outside Lands Festival 2011 Line-Up

Great line-up! muse phish arcadefire blackkeys deadmau5 mgmt decemberists johnfogerty beirut roots arcticmonkeys bigaudiodynamite sts9 warrenhaynes bigboi majorlazer mavisstaples chk bestcoast vaccines toroymoi stonefoxes wyeoak tysegall

San Francisco's Outside Lands Festival, held annually every August for the past couple of years in gorgeous Golden Gate Park, has announced their 2011 line-up and it is a good one!

The festival is kind of expensive, but well-organized and when I went in 2009, just for one of the days, i saw M.I.A., Modest Mouse, Robert Randolph, and Jack White (The Dead Weather) and bits of several others.

I've been disappointed by the line-ups of other recent festivals (treasure Island 2010 and coachella 2011 for example), so i was curious to see what they'd come up with and i have to say i'm pretty impressed. there are several bands i would like to see and who i know are great live - the black keys, arctic monkeys, mgmt, and san francisco's own ty segall (about to burst into superstardom? through constant touring of the US and Europe and the release in summer 2011 of a widely anticipated new album...)... nice to have some legends, such as CCR's fogerty and mavis staples (of the staples singers, who recently collaborated with wilco's jeff tweedy and billy bragg - not at the same time obviously...)..... looking forward to seeing some bands for the first time - the decemberists and the legendary original line-up of Big Audio Dynamite, feat The Clash's Mick Jones and Don Letts (finally getting some recognition for their early sampling and pre-Pro Tools flawless mash-ups of rock, hip hop, reggae, etc....)...... a unique chance for americans to see the vaccines, in the midst of their ascension to UK pop superstar status - they are one of the best new bands out there... the dude's a crooner! AND he can rock AND he can do a pop song or ballad... and they are spacey surfy psychedelic distorted garage-y fuzzy low-fi indie alt enough to satisfy the most cynical bastard out there... best coast, yeah, we love her.... and then there are artists I would probably NEVER go see as a stand alone show... but whom i quite like having the chance to see in a festival setting... where i can stay and watch if i like them, or go to another stage if i don't.... FOR example.... muse phish arcade fire (bo-ring!) deadmau5 roots big boi majorlazer... pretty sure beirut, warren haynes (govt mule, the dead, allman bros) will put on good shows....

Tickets go on sale April 14. A three-day pass will be $175 - $200, plus fees. The festival takes place outdoors in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California, USA, Friday August 12, Saturday August 13, and Sunday August 14, 2011 

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