Thursday, May 17, 2012

Morning Benders AKA Pop Etc.... What the fuck happened???

So The Morning Benders changed their name to Pop Etc. because their old name was "too gay"?

Wait a minute, did they mean too "homosexual" or were they using the Junior High nomenclature of "gay" meaning "stupid" and "bad"?

Cuz if they meant it the second way, they have succeeded in making the gayest shit ever...

Wow, I mean, I really liked The Morning Benders. A lot of people did. I saw them open up for The Black Keys at Central Park SummerStage in Summer 2010 and was so impressed I went and listened to all their stuff, including their excellent cover collection Bedroom Covers. This was a band that was going places. Then, all of a sudden, the name change. Being called "The Morning Benders" apparently caused drunk Brits in bars to call out that they were "gender benders" and other anti-gay slurs. And being sensitive, androgynous Asian-American boys, they wanted everyone to know they were all about the ladies, thus the name change.... and a music change too... gone is the indie pop and now it's just.... pop....

Yuck! (oh, that reminds me.... I should go listen to Yuck or Jeff The Brotherhood or any of the other dozens of exciting new bands that didn't sell out....)

I mean, fellows.... Auto-Tune.... Really???


    What happened to the band I used to know

  2. I think you are a bit misinformed. "Bender" is Brit slang for "fag", so they found out that to millions of people their name was effectively "morning fags." So that's the reason for the name change.

  3. I understand that... I still think it's a stupid reason to change your name.... giving into bullies and whatnot.... but my major objection is to their change in style music... they were good, now they are not...

  4. Really really shocking...Nothing left to say...the were good, now the are not...

  5. wow, this video is even more horrible the second time you watch it

  6. c'mon Chris, admit it.... this is what you were shooting for...

  7. I was just going through my music collection, listened to a bit of Big Echo.

    I had never heard more than 30 seconds of any POP ETC song because I hated it so much. Today, I tried to do just that, and was so horrified that I googled, "What the fuck happened to The Morning Benders".

    And here I am, in excellent company.