Thursday, May 3, 2012

Great New Retro Rocker From Living Things "Fake It Baby, Fake It"

Thought these were some French fans of American psychobilly, punk, and garage from the setting of the video, but Living Things actually hail from St. Louis, MO.

their website is here...

their bio:

Living Things are a three-piece band from St. Louis, MO whose sound has been described as being "ferocious political punk" to "noirish psychedlia". Made up of three brothers, Lillian, Yves and Joshua "Bosh" Berlin, the band has been playing together since grade school. "We have a concrete basement at the bottom of our parents' house; we've been rehearsing in it since we were kids and recorded our first album there with Steve Albini " says lead-singer Lillian Berlin. "It was totally our own world, where, at one point, everybody fucked for the first time, tried drugs, wrote our first songs. It was the meeting point for us and our friends." As young kids, the Berlin brothers piled into their father's Chevy wagon and traveled up and down the Midwest performing politically-driven punk songs inspired by their mother's long rants about feminism, the abuse of authority, government manipulation and Jerry Springer culture.
Most bands play their first gig in a bar, a friend's living room, or some other traditional location, but not Living Things. The brothers performed their first gig as a trio in 2003 in a cave along the Meramac River. "There are a lot of caves all over St. Louis," says Yves. "We'd go down to the caves after rehearsing, hold parties, barbecue, and bands would play. Two to three hundred people would fit into the caves, and the music would go on until either the power generators blew, the cops came or the sun came up. Then we'd all go skinny-dipping in the Missouri River blasting Nirvana and Jay-Z out car radios."

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