Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brendan Benson: The Plectrum Sessions

Hailing from Royal Oak, Michigan, Brendan Benson is a singer-songwriter whose previous conquests
include collaborating with White Stripes’ man Jack White in The Raconteurs and releasing five beautiful solo albums.
His latest LP ‘What Kind Of World’ is the first to be released via his own label ‘Readymade’ and demonstrates
the sublime song craft of one of America’s finest musicians. Releasing his first solo album in 1996 (‘One Mississippi’),
Benson has managed to stay in the game without going stale.

“I think on this new record I’m saying a lot of things I never thought I would say,” states Benson.
For the Plectrum Sessions he performs a compelling acoustic version of ‘Keep Me'.
To find out more information about Brendan, visit: www.brendanbenson.com.

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