Friday, September 7, 2018

Palma Violets Have A New Band: Gently Tender

Cool British band Palma Violets, whose intertwining lead singers Sam & Chilli some compared to The Libertines' Carl & Pete, have a new band, Gently Tender.

The band sent out this notice:

Hello Palma fans, 

Sam, Pete and Will here.

We have formed a new band called GENTLY TENDER with two new members, Celia and Adam, and we just released our first single. 

You can listen to 2 Chords Good and Avez Vous Deja in all the usual places and here is a handy link -

We've just announced our first UK tour, come join us - 
26th September - LONDON Lexington
27th November - MANCHESTER Yes
28th November - GLASGOW Broadcast
30th November - BRISTOL Crofter’s Rights
2nd December - BRIGHTON - Sticky Mikes

That means that Alex AKA Chilli, the bassist/singer of Palma Violets, in NOT in the new band. 

Guitarist Sam said in an interview in July 2018:

"We didn't fall out or anything like that. We just changed as people. We were 18 when we started the band and everything is quite easy to get on the same page, write the same kind of music all the time. Whereas when you hit 24 after 5 years of touring, I think you just become different people and we naturally just moved on"

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