Sunday, September 30, 2018

Comedian Jim Carrey Mocks Lindsey Graham

September 28, 2018: @JimCarrey says: "Ever wonder why women don’t report sexual abuse? Look no further than the hideous and hateful face of Lindsey Graham who offered nothing but anger and absolute disdain to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford following her courageous, and very credible, testimony. Talk about 'a disgrace.' "

September 25, 2018: @JimCarrey says: "The monster is out of control. Vote for your lives!  "

September 24, 2028: @JimCarrey says: "Colleges care more about donors than the victims of on-campus rape. That's why women don't report it and why ENTITLED LITTLE SHITS like Injustice Kavanaugh get to party and pillage their way to the Supreme Court.I'd like to suggest a new uniform for the highest court in the land."

September 17, 2018: @JimCarrey says: "Republicans always look out for each other."

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