Wednesday, March 28, 2018

PJ Harvey Joins John Parish In A Moving Tribute To Sparklehorse: "Sorry For Your Loss"

Sparklehorse AKA Mark Linkous was a genius who sadly took his own life, but left some great art for us to have forever.

I have always been fond of his song "It's Not So Hard" and his collaboration with Radiohead's Thom Yorke on Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here", as heard in a crucial scene in the film Lords Of Dogtown. Then there was his masterpiece Dark Night Of The Soul with Danger Mouse and a host of guest vocalists such as The Pixies' Frank Black/Black Francis, Iggy Pop, and Jason Lytle.

"Sorry For Your Loss" is a nice tribute from Mark's friends John and PJ.

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John Parish ft. PJ Harvey – “Sorry For Your Loss”

Though it seems like just yesterday, eight years have slipped by since the passing of Mark Linkous, the prolific and openhearted musician better known as Sparklehorse. Though Linkous’ estate blocked a charity tribute album to him, back in 2015, a trickle of homages have rolled in, most recently a solid cover from Diiv.
Among the vast catalog of Linkous collaborators, John Parish and PJ Harvey sit among the most notable. Today, Parish and Harvey, longtime collaborators in their own right, release the single “Sorry For Your Loss,” a direct salutation to Linkous. The track arrives with the announcement of a new Parish album, Bird Dog Dante, an album he worked on while touring with Harvey as part of her band. Bouncing ideas off each other, and each of them close to Linkous, the two reportedly found it only natural to sing this as a duet.
The track plays with unexpected contrasts, fusing folky mandolin and toms with thick bass and a squealing electric guitar.  A slight departure from Parish’s recent, largely instrumental work, this new record veers more toward actual songs. “The sun never felt colder/The window rattled and I wondered if you just passed over,” he sings with Harvey, feeling the very spirit of Linkous in their bones.
Listen to “Sorry For Your Loss” above. Parish’s Bird Dog Dante emerges through the venerable Thrill Jockey label on June 15.

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