Saturday, March 4, 2017

"That's What Happens To Fascists In Berkeley; They Go Home Bleeding" March 4 Trump Fascists Lose (Again) To Berkeley Activists

Clearly these fascists wanted to provoke a fight with activists.

A couple of them didn't even bother to disguise weapons (sticks, clubs, poles) with a sign or flag, like this would-be actor, star of a thousand films only he has seen (but his loved ones have heard an awful lot about)...


Some of them were naive Trump supporters or random Conservatives, but many were hardcore far-right - the alt-right racist, white nationalist extreme fringe. It was partially revenge for what happened to Milo here on February 1st (and subsequently), but it's clear they came from the suburbs to Berkeley and were looking for a fight... and looking to blame it all on the Left...

Videos of Milo at UC Berkeley in February:

This posting proves the fascists were ready to rumble.... or at least stage a few photo opportunities to make themselves look like heroes or martyrs, neither of which they are, and to make the Left appear to be wrong, foolish, violent, etc....

They circulated a photo extensively online, claiming to show a pro-Trump "senior citizen" at the protest writhing in pain on the ground, having been allegedly pepper-sprayed in the face. Anyone who looked at the various photos and videos online would recognize this fellow as the man who had spent the entire rally cursing and insulting people, challenging them to strike him "if they were man enough". He went on to opine that, just as Blacks were "superior" is sports and running and basketball and such, so too were Whites "superior" in other, unspecified ways. Another video showed a Trump supporter in a Captain America costume spraying a Trump opponent in the face. One of the videos below shows a pro-Trump man grabbing an anti-Trump protester's megaphone and throwing it into the crowd. Their (presumably rehearsed) tactics seem to be to do minor pushing and shoving and insulting, in order to goad leftists into attacking them, so they could claim the Left does not support free speech.

Let me be clear about my own viewpoint:

Fascists do not deserve free speech.

This guy is bearing the flag of the 3%-ers, a fascist paramilitary group.

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