Friday, March 31, 2017

NSA Reveals Russians Behind Mindless New Music (Migos, Ed Sheeran) To "Make Americans More Stupid"!!!!

                                                                      Russian President Vladimir Putin

Now it all makes sense....

Of course we all try to listen to the latest releases.

When something is popular, with critics or the public, I'm usually suspicious but check it out anyway, just in case it's not horrible.

But then you hear about Migos and how they are "better than The Beatles". They like to cook up crack in their Mom's crockpot while holding an Uzi. And then Ed Sheeran releases an album and everyone says it's wonderful but it sounds like muzak.

Who would make such crap? And who would tell people it was good and they should listen to it?

Then it occurred to me...

It's the damned Russians!

Sources now confirm that Migos and Sheeran were whisked away last summer to a secret recording studio in Odessa to make catchy music which makes people's brains melt.

It seems to be working.

Have you heard that 1984 is back on the best-sellers list?....

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