Monday, November 21, 2016

This May Be The Closest We Get To A Bruce Springsteen Take On Steven Van Zandt's "Hamiltongate"...

A Tweet of an Instagram photo from Bruce's wife (on Bruce's Twitter), stating they went to see "Hamilton" on Sunday (yesterday, November 20, 2016), the comment "looking for VP elect Pence" and the hashtag "Freedom of Speech".

I take that to mean they support the cast's right to address Pence... or were they supporting Steven's free speech too?

By the way, while Steven's left-wing fans are hurt and angry, it looks like Steven picked up some new alt-right fans. Sarah Palin, Breitbart News, and many other right-wingers posted Steven's comments with glee.

Hamiltongate background here and here...
  1. From Patti: " Sunday matinee -- looking for VP elect Pence "

Meanwhile, after a day of silence, Steven was back on Twitter:

  1. Final words. Everybody should see Hamilton the greatest musical I've ever seen. Broadway should be a welcoming, safe place for EVERYBODY.


    That sounds good Steven, but will Twitter also be a "welcoming, safe place for EVERYBODY"? Or will people who disagree be insulted and bullied?

    Still no apology from Steven for those he bullied on Twitter.

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  1. Bruce and Steven have been friends since they were teenagers. I didn't expect Bruce to come out and rip Steven a new one, but I think we all wanted to hear *something*....