Friday, November 18, 2016

Children Medieval Band Plays Medieval Music For Children

I stumbled upon Children Medieval Band (CMB) a year ago or so. They are a family of young Romanian-American multi-instrumentalists, ranging in age from 6 to 14, living in California, who usually post videos of covers of songs by hard rock bands, like Rammstein, often filmed in their living room. 

This is their program of medieval European music, performed for children at a school event.

I think they are amazing.

From CMB:

On Nov. 15th, 2016 we played our medieval repertoire in front of about 200 children and their parents. That was a lovely audience, the kids liked us and had the patience to watch all 10 medieval pieces. During the 'entrada' song they were even clapping along the beat! Thank you kids!

And one more detail: on this show we had our younger brother Nectarios playing on stage for the first time. He is 6 yo and played only triangle and tambourine for now. In the future we hope he will become our bass player.

Intro - 0:00
Vikings - 1:12
Pavane (Pierre Attaignant) - 3:17
Volta21 (Thoinot Arbeau & Stefan) - 5:00
Nota (Anonymous) - 7:20
Little Bears (Tielman Susato) - 8:57
Entrada (Susato) - 10:20
Scarbourough Fair (Anonymous) - 12:35
Ecco La Primavera (Francesco Landini) - 14:07
Turdion (P. Attaignant) - 15:51
Greensleeves (Anonymous) - 17:39
Monami (Susato) - 19:05

Our site: https://childrenmedievalband.wordpres...

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