Thursday, September 22, 2016

What The Cool Kids Are Listening To This Week... Dance Music For The Apocalypse

The Beatles "Live At The Hollywood Bowl"

Bruce Springsteen "Chapter And Verse"

The Carter Family - I went ahead and downloaded a whole shit load of Carter Family and you know what? I have no problem with that.

Cashman & West "American City Suite"

Doug Sahm "Doug Sahm & Band"/Sir Douglas Quintet "Sir Douglas Quintet"/"Mendocino"/Texas Tornados "Texas Tornados"

Eric von Schmidt "Eric Sings von Schmidt", "Living On The Trail", "Low Down Chariot" (feat Joan Baez), "Who Knocked The Brains Out Of The Sky?", "2nd Right, 3rd Row".

Fela Kuti "Black President", "Zombie" "Original Suffer Head/I.T.T.", "Live! (with Ginger Baker & Tony Allen)

Gene Clark "Live At The Rongo" 5/20/90

The Grass Roots "Anthology 65-75"

Jack White "Acoustic Recordings"

The Lovin' Spoonful "Anthology"

M.I.A. "Aim"

Nick Cave "Skeleton Tree"

Prophets Of Rage "The Party's Over"

Zack de la Rocha "Digging For Windows"

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