Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Carrie Brownstein: "The Realest Real", Short Film Critique Of Social Media

                                                         Carrie with Wild Flag at Sasquatch 2012

We love Carrie Brownstein, always have, always will. She's best known as one of two guitarist/singer/songwriters of Sleater-Kinney and one of two actor/writers of Portlandia (pattern here?). (Her partner in Sleater-Kinney was/is Corin Tucker, while Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen is her Portlandia partner. She's pretty good at picking people to collaborate with!)

I just read her excellent Sleater-Kinney-era memoir Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl and I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for her other supergroup Wild Flag (with Mary Timony as the other great singer/songwriter/guitarist this time) as well as Carrie's gig as a reporter on NPR's All Songs Considered podcast. When I was in Japan, listening to that podcast on my way to work helped keep me feel like I had some clue what was happening in the U.S. indie music scene at a time when many interesting things were happening (circa 2007).

Here's Carrie's take on social media, featuring Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, amongst others....

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