Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Playlist August 2016: What You Should Be Listening To

Augustines This Is Your Life
Billie Holiday Greatest Hits
Christopher Owens Chrissybaby Forever
Colvin & Earle Colvin & Earle
Colvin & Earle Live In London 06-13-16
Dinosaur Jr. Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not
Gene Clark Live Old Vienna Kaffeehaus 10-16-88
Grateful Dead Live: Dave's Pick Vol 19. Honolulu 01-23-70
Jeff The Brotherhood Zone
Odetta At The Gate Of Horn
Odetta Odetta Sings Dylan
Prophets Of Rage Prophets of Rage (single)
Sister Rosetta Tharpe Live 1960
Titus Andronicus Stadium Rock
Wilco Live At Pitchfork 2015
Wilco Schmilco (first two singles)


Some old stuff, some new stuff.... some old stuff that sounds new, some new stuff that sounds old...

First off, Shawn Colvin and Steve Earle have teamed up to make a most interesting duo. A few covers, some new songs, an old Steve Earle song or two...

Dinosaur Jr.... I've never given them a chance... I guess I was afraid it would be too heavy for me, but I decided to try this album and I like it! It's not too heavy at all. It occasionally rocks hard but is by no means overwhelming.

I was lucky enough to see Odetta at one of her last performances (at Hardly Strictly) but lately realized I just don't have enough Odetta in my collection so I went about to correct that situation. At The Gate Of Horn and Odetta Sings Dylan are two good places to start.

The latest new old Dead show is Dave's Pick Vol. 19 from Hawaii 1970. Pigpen is in all his glory, and the band seems to have been having a good day and a good show. How many bands today have the guts to play long improv songs in concert? Uh, none.

Was great to see the Americanarama tour a few years back, especially Jim James of My Morning Jacket and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco singing Dead songs with Bob Weir. Sadly, the tour headliner Dylan joined them only once or twice on the tour (not where I saw them, unfortunately, on the last show of the tour in Northern California - Dylan came out for "The Weight" as a tribute to the recently departed Levon at least once earlier on the tour). Wilco is by now a national treasure, and were a highlight of the recent Dead tribute album Day Of The Dead. Can't wait to hear Wilco's new album! The singles so far are quite good.

Christopher Owens is great.

Gene Clark is always great.

Titus rocks.

Jeff rocks.

Prophets of Rage rock.

Augustines rock.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe ROCKS!!!

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