Monday, April 9, 2012

New Music: Grand Duchy Sophomore Release; Frank Black & The Catholics Live at the Melkweg

Grand Duchy is a side project of Pixies frontman Black Francis/Frank Black and his wife Violet Clark.

Their second album Let The People Speak is coming out this week.

Their sound owes much to 80s synth pop, which is not my favorite type of music at all.

I have to say though, that some of the songs on this album, and several of the remixes (featured on Let The Prophet Speak) are really extraordinary and well-worth listening to, transcending the usual limits of the genre. Violet's vocals are playful and powerful at the same time.

Meanwhile, we also have a release by hubby Frank Black, a concert recorded with The Catholics at the iconic Amsterdam nightspot The Melkweg (Milky Way) in 2001.

It features a nice selection of Pixies songs as well as Frank Black solo songs from his entire career, especially the later (current at the time) Catholic albums, and an excellent version of Son House's "John the Revelator" to boot.

For years, no one thought The Pixies would reunite, but they did. Is it too much to ask for a Frank Black & The Catholics reunion tour? Love that pedal steel guitar....

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