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NME on Jack White Solo Show in Nashville

March 9, 2012 11:37

    Jack White plays first solo gig at Third Man Records' birthday party

    Star performs The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather numbers at Nashville bash
    Jack White plays first solo gig at Third Man Records' birthday party
    Photo: Third Man Records
    Jack White celebrated Third Man Records' third birthday last night (March 8) by showcasing tracks from his forthcoming debut album 'Blunderbuss' along with tracks by The White StripesThe Raconteurs and The Dead Weather.

    The star ran through a 19-song set for a select audience, which included six tracks off his new album. He played the set in the lounge of of his label's headquarters in Nashville.

    Kicking off with The White Stripes' 2001 classic 'Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground', he then introduced three 'Blunderbuss' cuts - the piano-driven 'Missing Pieces', 'Sixteen Saltines' and recent single 'Love Interruption', which he previously performed on Saturday Night Live. You can see that performance again by scrolling down and clicking below.

    He then went on to perform The Raconteurs' 'Top Yourself', The Dead Weather's 'Blue Blood Blues', The White Stripes' 'Hotel Yorba', 'You're Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl), 'We're Going To Be Friends', 'Seven Nation Army' and another new track 'Hypocritical Kiss'.

    Although Dead Weather singer Alison Mosshart and The Raconteurs bassist Jack Lawrence were watching in the audience, White chose to use his own backing band for his set, reports Jam Canoe.

    He wrapped up the show with a cover of Leadbelly's 'Goodnight Irene'.

    Jack White played:

    'Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground'
    'Missing Pieces'
    'Sixteen Saltines'
    'Love Interrupted'
    'Hotel Yorba'
    'Top Yourself'
    'Hypocritical Kiss'
    'You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)'
    'Blue Blood Blues'
    'We're Going To Be Friends'
    'Freedom At 21'
    'My Doorbell'
    'Cut Like a Buffalo'
    'You Know That I Know'
    'Weep Themselves to Sleep'
    'Ball & Biscuit'
    'Steady as She Goes'
    'Seven Nation Army'
    'Goodnight Irene'

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    'Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground' (White Stripes)
    'Missing Pieces' (Jack White)
    'Sixteen Saltines' (Jack White)
    'Love Interrupted' (Jack White)
    'Hotel Yorba' (White Stripes)
    'Top Yourself' (Raconteurs)
    'Hypocritical Kiss' (Jack White)
    'You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)' (White Stripes)
    'Blue Blood Blues' (Dead Weather)
    'We're Going To Be Friends' (White Stripes)
    'Freedom At 21' (Jack White)
    'My Doorbell' (White Stripes)
    'Cut Like a Buffalo' (Dead Weather)
    'You Know That I Know' (from Hank Williams' Lost Notebooks)
    'Weep Themselves to Sleep' (Jack White)
    'Ball & Biscuit' (White Stripes)
    'Steady as She Goes' (Raconteurs)
    'Seven Nation Army' (White Stripes)
    'Goodnight Irene' (Leadbelly cover)
    Interesting that he played songs from each major group he's been associated with. I never expected to hear White Stripes songs at a Raconteurs or Dead Weather show, but many fans will be thrilled if this set list is any indication of what he's going to be playing on his solo debut tour... I like the idea of a show where I could hear Jack White do "Seven Nation Army" AND "Steady As She Goes" AND a totally new song with a jagged rock rip guitar solo... (MD)

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