Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Killers' Brandon Flowers Makes Mormon Propaganda Video

If you use YouTube (duh), you may have noticed a series of sponsored videos supporting the Mormon "faith". Now comes one from The Killers' Brandon Flowers talking about what a wonderful influence Mormonism has been in his life....

Fact: Joe Smith (the founder of Mormonism) was a liar. There were no "golden tablets" from God that Smith claimed he found, and then buried, in upstate New York. It's all completely made up. And as far as I know, Jesus did not visit America after his crucifixion either.

You've seen the evil blond white-shirted thugs going on their door-to-door jihad to convert the world to their bogus "faith". We knew Mitt Romney was a Moron (excuse me, *Mormon), but did you know Harry Reid was too? And the abstinence-only message of Twilight? Courtesy of a  Mormon. And the Mormons sent millions of dollars to support Prop 8 in California (which sought to make gay marriage unconstitutional)...

Perhaps the last straw was Mormons baptizing dead Jews including Holocaust victims.

In "honor" of that one, some clever fellow came up with the site All Dead Mormons Are Now Gay:

I have taken the liberty of converting the pre-deceased Brandon Flowers. You're welcome.


  1. Quite an interesting hate speech. Tell us how you really feel. Evil White shirted thugs? Jihad? How many times have "mormons" come to your door to "convert" you. I would hope that tolerance for all would be at the forefront of your consciousness rather than lining up a roll call of people that you dislike. How has the "mormon" church affected you so deeply that you categorize them as evil? Im intrigued please tell me more.

  2. "Tolerance"?, "hate speech"?.... Don't make me laugh....

  3. Just as Joseph Smith stole from other writings to produce "The Book of Morons", you are stealing the language of the Oppressed - "hate speech" and "tolerance", as we all know, are widely used by people combatting racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and bigotry - the very foundations that the rotting pile of manure that is mormonism was built on. That's right Flowers - you can't be a rocker AND a mormon - pick a side, dammit...