Sunday, June 26, 2011

Album of the Week: Jeff The Brotherhood!

Jeff The Brotherhood's second album We Are The Champions dropped this week and it is awesome.

Jeff is a two-piece, made up of two brothers. Their music is indie rock gone metal. I don't like metal, but i like Jeff. Their energy is so refreshing and on a tense day, blasting their music rolling down the highway is the perfect stress relief (since we're not allowed to kill people).

Jeff have been barnstorming around the country for a couple of years now, often just in a van. Their first album Heavy Days got some attention, but they are really coming into their own with this sophomore effort.

I am a recent but passionate fan.

Yes, it is strange. I never listen to metal, and this stuff wouldn't have been out of place in my high school 8-track player in 1978, right along side Bad Company, Foghat, and Thin Lizzy. It is today's indie rock, but very much influenced by the music of the 60s and 70s, particularly metal. Perhaps it's innovative familiarness makes us comfortable enough to open up and really listen to it and not just dismiss it as the work of a bunch of metal heads.

Go out and grab it immediately. And see them live if you can.

JUN 27 Rock and Roll Hotel (w/Fucked Up) AA Washington, DC - 8:30 PM
JUN 28 Kings Barcade (w/Fucked Up) AA Raleigh, NC - 9:30 PM
JUN 29 The Earl (w/Fucked Up) 21+ Atlanta, GA - 9:00 PM
JUN 30 Exit/In (w/Fucked Up) 18+ Nashville, TN - 9:30 PM
JUL 1 The Firebird (w/Fucked Up) AA St. Louis, MO - 8:30 PM
JUL 2 Lincoln Hall (w/Fucked Up) 21+ Chicago, IL - 8:00 PM
JUL 3 Hangar 9 (w/Cy Barkley) 21+ Carbondale, IL - 9:30 PM
AUG 18 Reggies (w/Pentagram & Valient Thorr) Chicago, IL - 8:00 PM
AUG 19 Peabody's (w/Pentagram & Valient Thorr) Cleveland, OH - 7:00 PM
AUG 20 Montage Music Hall (w/Pentagram & Valient Thorr) Rochester, NY - 7:00 PM
AUG 21 Le Poisson Rouge (w/Pentagram & Valient Thorr) New York, NY - 7:00 PM
AUG 25 Reverb (w/Pentagram & Valient Thorr) Reading, PA - 7:00 PM
AUG 26 Mr. Smalls Theatre (w/Pentagram & Valient Thorr) Pittsburgh, PA - 7:00 PM
AUG 27 Sonar (w/Pentagram & Valient Thorr) Baltimore, MD - 7:00 PM
SEP 8 Hopscotch Music Fest @ Slim's Downtown Raleigh, NC - 8:00 PM

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