Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Jack White Song! "The World" from Danger Mouse's "Rome"

Danger Mouse's tribute to the music of spaghetti westerns features Jack White and Norah Jones on vocals.

We've previously heard two of Jack White's three songs on the album, the pretty cool "Two Against One"

and "The Rose With The Broken Neck" (which i could take or leave)

i happen to be of the school that believes that everything Jack White touches turns to gold and he can do no wrong, and these songs are cool to hear... but ultimately, it's Danger Mouse's project (and it's not rock n roll, it's a meditation on film score music...)

cool as it is to hear Jack White's vocals on these tracks, what we're really waiting for is some new recordings (and tours) featuring his own work, his distinctive voice, his unique sensibility, and incredible guitar playing. His take on the blues is spot on. He's gets it. He's got it. He's good.

The question is, when will we hear new stuff from him? The White Stripes are officially broken up. The Raconteurs have been on hold for some time (and members are currently touring in The Greenhornes and Queens of the Stone Age). The Dead Weather are presumably on hold while Alison tours in The Kills tour in support of their excellent new album "Blood Pressures".

So will we hear new solo material, interesting duets and collaborations, new bands, new music with an old band, film scores, coke commercials.... or something completely different?

Whatever it is, you can be sure it be wild, creative, and cool.

Download "Love is The Truth" here...

Download "Love is The Truth" (Acoustic) here...

Download "Farmer John/Louie Louie" (live) by The White Stripes

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