Saturday, September 9, 2017

Santa Cruz Boycott Forces Racist Restaurateur To Close O'Mei's Doors; He Donated To David Duke in 2016

Roger Grigsby, owner of O'Mei, a Chinese restaurant on Mission St. in Santa Cruz, California, shuttered his doors after a community boycott and employee walk-out prompted by the revelation that he donated $500 to Louisiana racist David Duke's 2016 campaign for U.S. Senate. A few days later, the fliers above appeared in the windows decrying slander and rumors - but it was neither slander nor rumors, it was completely true.

On August 23, 2017, the story broke on and word quickly spread online, as seen on the restaurant's Yelp page. Faced with a community boycott and a staff walk-out, O'Mei's closed and remains closed, perhaps permanently.

It's not surprising that Santa Cruz liberals would not want to give money or support to someone who supports David Duke. That's nearly the same as giving money and support yourself.

The story got covered on Breitbart. Predictably, the comments readers had at Breitbart moaned about liberal fascism, etc. 

But the liberal city fathers and mothers of Santa Cruz (who are often less than liberal regarding homeless issues) did not ban the restaurant by decree; the people simply decided to not support it and it closed. That's their right - to support those they agree with and not support those they don't.

So a racist white guy has a Chinese restaurant, staffed by people of color, with a liberal clientele... and he's shocked when people want to boycott him after the public records emerge documenting his racist contribution? (He also gave money to a Trump PAC last year.) 

I don't buy for a minute that he's not racist because his ex-wife is Chinese. I bet she would have some tales to tell about his feelings about people of color. Actually, we don't have to ask her, Roger was kind enough to reveal his true feelings in the note below to KPIX. "War on Whites" indeed...

You see? Sometimes the bad guys DO lose... and people CAN unite and make change happen...

Grigsby sent this to KPIX:

Ryan, this is Roger, owner and founder of Omei in Santa Cruz. 

There is only one legitimate "side" in this "story". My restaurant was subjected to political terrorism. By Indybay media, by bogus "reviews" placed on our Yelp! page, and by gossip on various other networks like Nextdoor and Facebook. The people at Yelp were not helpful in removing this disgusting garbage for over a week. By then it was too late. Due to peer pressure our wait staff walked off the job by not coming to work. At least one waiter was also posting scurrilous lies and innuendo on Yelp. Possibly another waiter was also involved. 

So without waiters, we closed on Friday night, a first for us. We've been in business since 1979. 

I really don't want to do a phone interview and I have very little trust that metropolitan media outlets will treat me fairly anyway, since they (and you) are also subjected to political pressure even if you won't admit that. As far as WHY this mob attack was done, it wasn't about myself or the biz even though we were the target. We are just a token in a much larger process of terrorizing White European Americans into silence in what has come to be known as the "War on Whites". My campaign contribution was to one of the men supporting European American Civil Rights. As a European American, it would be insane for me to not support said rights. 

Any other questions should come to this email address. 

Roger Grigsby 

Sent from my iPhone

from official David Duke campaign contribution disclosure form:

Indybay also reported: "Christina Waters, a local food critic who has reviewed O'mei and a contributing editor for Good Times, responded in defense of Grigsby, and accused the article's author of "fascism." Waters wrote, "Not sure who you are or what you hope to gain by ruining some careers — isn’t there enough fascism erupting in this country already, without your adding more?" 

ThisSmallPlanet has reached out to Waters, who writes for Good Times, a free weekly arts and entertainment newspaper, to see if she stands by her defense of Grigsby. We await her response. 

UPDATE: Christina Waters response (by email):  

I have issued a public statement. Here’s the link:

Here’s the quote:

"After having enjoyed so many fine meals at O’Mei restaurant over the years, I find it sad indeed to see its doors close as a consequence of the unapologetic support of a white supremacist on the part of its owner Roger Grigsby. It is impossible for me, or anyone, to condone Grigsby’s racist actions. That Grigsby is a skilled and highly educated restaurateur makes this situation ironic." 

I, like many others, regret and condemn Grigsby’s actions. Hope this clarifies.




Roger Grigsby on David Duke from an anti-Jewish Neo-Nazi website:

(David) Duke, he said, is unfairly characterized by the news media as a “hate caricature... He is defending the civil rights of European-Americans, whites, defending them from attacks against them,” Grigsby said of Duke. “If you can’t see that in the media, I don’t know what to tell you. The very word, ‘white supremacist’ is an attack. Nobody calls Mexicans and blacks and Chinese ‘Nazis.’ They only call white people ‘Nazis.’ The idea there is to make guilt by association of two words. White people and evil Nazis.

"They basically have killed O’mei. I doubt very seriously if it can come back with this kind of attack,” Grigsby said. “I didn’t know the backlash would happen, because I didn’t know there would be that many stupid people in Santa Cruz who would actually believe this stuff. But I guess my beliefs were proved wrong. When I say ‘stupid,’ I mean ignorant.”

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