Saturday, July 1, 2017

Playlist: Grateful Dead For The 21st Century - Long Strange Trip

Nice to hear Dead & Co. playing live from Chicago last night online.

I'm still not 100% on board for John Mayer (couldn't they get Warren Haynes or someone like that? Seems a closer fit...), but it sounded good.

I watched the new Amazon-produced four-hour Dead documentary Long Strange Trip and it's quite good (I watched in a three sessions - 4 hours straight seems a bit much). I had read the surviving members were nonplussed that there wasn't much in the film post-Jerry, and thought some changes would be made, but the story ends abruptly with Jerry's death. Even though I am not a super-fan, I enjoyed the film, as it provided lots of context for the 60's and San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury, that gave birth to The Dead and so much more. I liked the frequent mentions and shots of The Beats, On The Road, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Ken Kesey, and Neal Cassady... but thought it was unusual that there weren't more shout-outs to inspirations like Reverend Gary Davis, whose Samson and Delilah ("If I Had My Way, I Would Tear This Building Down!...") was a Dead concert staple, and whose Death Don't Have No Mercy is featured prominently in the film and the accompanying soundtrack. Bob Weir even took private lessons with the Rev. Plus there's a great new book out about The Rev called Say No To The Devil.

So, a playlist for this moment:

Long Strange Trip - 2 CD soundtrack + Bonus CD (2017)

Garcia Plays Dylan - 2 CD - Dylan seemed to bring out the best in The Dead, and in Jerry in particular. This collection proves Jerry Garcia to be one of the premier Dylan interpreters of all them.

Dylan & The Dead - from the 1987 Dylan/Dead tour

Day Of The Dead - 2016 Dead tribute by The National, Stephen Malkmus, Bonnie Prince Billy, Kurt Vile, Wilco, Jim James, etc.

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