Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Class of 2017

The results are in and the class of 2017 for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is:

Joan Baez
Nile Rodgers
Pearl Jam
Tupac Shakur

My quick takes:

ELO - I liked them in the 70's. As far as their lasting impact? .... I'm not sure. Always wondered if "Don't Bring Me Down" was inspired by Robert Johnson "Stop Breaking Down". ELO mastermind Jeff Lynne gets mega-points as a producer and member of The Traveling Wilburys - the super-est super group of all-time - Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Lynne, and Tom Petty.

Joan Baez - she was important in the early days of folk, and played an important role in making folk and rock stand for something... Plus she had a lot to do with introducing Bobby Dylan to the world. (Extra points for the Dylan dis track "Diamonds And Rust").

Journey - popular but boring.

Nile Rodgers - very nice guy, very talented musician, very iconic riffs.... but sorry, it ain't rock and roll...

Pearl Jam - popular but boring. I liked their first two albums but that's about it.

Tupac - culturally influential, but sorry, it ain't rock and roll...

Yes - I liked them in the 70s as a teenager but standing the test of time? Not so much...