Monday, April 18, 2016

ThisSmallPlanet Photos/Videos: The Last Shadow Puppets live at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz. Calif., USA, Monday, April 18, 2016

In between two Coachella weekends, The Last Shadow Puppets brought their act to The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California and were really well-received indeed by an energetic young crowd.

The Last Shadow Puppets could be (uncharitably) called Alex Turner's (of The Arctic Monkeys) side project with his mate Miles Kane, but now with their second album, they proudly lay claim to be a legit band in their own right.

The first album, some 7 years ago,  was quite good, but the time that passed between releases made it seem that The Shadow Puppets meant little to Alex. The new album dispels that notion entirely.

Alex was in fine crooner form, while Miles mostly rocked out.

Several songs and B-sides from the first album were played and the punters appeared to respond more to these songs, although the new songs played well too.

A four-piece string section, along with a dynamite bassist, two acoustic guitarists occasionally, drum, as well a Alex and Miles playing guitar made for a very full sound. Anyone who wondered how The Shadow Puppets complex version of Walker Brothers-style Baroque Pop would translate live had their fears assuaged quickly.

The crowd made their affection for the group well-known, loudly and enthusiastically.

The sure comaraderie between Alex and Miles is obvious. This album and tour prove that the band has legs and should be producing some great music for some time to come.

The three-song encore began with a spirited cover...
                       of The Beatles' I Want You (She's So Heavy):

The first song:

 The first single from the first album The Age Of The Understatement:

Miles and Alex end a song with dramatic dueling guitars:

There were lots of people filming the show, so I didn't do much. Our friend Anna Garcia undoubtedly got better footage up front, which you can see here, on her YouTube channel "lairygirl"... (she actually went to several shows, including back East, and posted videos from many of them).

More photos from The Catalyst show:

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