Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What's New With Stephen Malkmus?

Those who know, know that Stephen Malkmus is one of the finest guitarists around. But sometimes we don't hear from him for a while. Sometimes he goes off to Berlin for a year, sometimes there's another Pavement reunion rumour. And sometimes you have to check out Malkmus' social media to see what's up.

From checking his Twitter and his Website, I found out there is a newish Jicks live show available to stream (for  free) or download (for money) at Bandcamp.

It's the Jicks at 2015's Quiet Music Festival in Portland.

Here is the track list:











I also saw a notice about The Jicks opening up for a Father John Misty show in the Portland-area in September. At first I thought it was for September 2015, but it is presumably for September 2016, although I'm not sure why we have to think about this in March. Will it be one of the few Jicks shows this year? Or one of many? Will the really really cool people go to the show early, then leave when Malkmus is over and skip Father John? I know a lot of people like Father John Misty, including our good friend Chase, and I like his former band The Fleet Foxes, but.... hey, Father John Misty already has all the critics in his corner, why does he need the blessing of ThisSmallPlanet?

Turns out he doesn't, but the fact remains, shouldn't he be opening up for Malkmus instead of vice versa? I'm always suspicious of an act that every single critic fauns over. "Critics darling" is really an appellation that is practically the kiss of death of an artist for me, and I don't recall ever reading a non-gushing review of The Father, yet I've given him a listen and find it quite underwhelming. Anyone else feel the same way? You know what, I'm going to give him another listen right now, and if I go to the Malkmus show in September, I'll go ahead and stay for Father Josh too...

Is this a good excuse to put one of my old Malkmus videos up here? Sure, why not....

                           "Harness/Stairway to Heaven", "Surreal Teenagers", "Mr. Soul", "Stereo"

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