Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Return of Chri55yBaby - Christopher Owens' (ex-Girls) Amazing Return to Form with a great new song "It Comes Back To You"

Coincidentally, this past week, I've been playing tons of old Girls' songs and videos for a friend who hadn't heard them before and also for myself, to remember how great they were (and also coincidentally last week, ran into Girls' former bass player JR, who sadly says he's not currently playing music but otherwise seemed in good spirits). And now, a new song. A great one and a return to form. Not that we didn't love the first solo album, but it was inherently self-limited, as the entire album dealt with a single topic (a brief but powerful love affair).

This new song signals that Christopher is ready to return to those heady heights of the best Girls songs of a few years back.

Welcome back Christopher! Can't wait to hear more new stuff!

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