Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jack White live at the Rose Garden, Portland, August 15, 2012

Jack White with The Buzzards (the guys)

I'm Shakin' (Little Willie John cover) 
Sixteen Saltines
Missing Pieces
Weep Themselves to Sleep
Cannon (White Stripes)
Love Interruption
Cannon (White Stripes)/John The Revelator (Son House cover)
Black Math (White Stripes)
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (White Stripes)
Hotel Yorba (White Stripes)
You Know That I Know (Hank Williams cover)
Hypocritical Kiss
I Cut Like A Buffalo (The Dead Weather)
Trash Tongue Talker
Top Yourself (The Raconteurs)
Two Against One (Danger Mouse "Rome")
We're Going to Be Friends (White Stripes)
The Same Boy You've Always Known (White Stripes)
Broken Boy Soldier (The Raconteurs)
The Hardest Button to Button (White Stripes)
Ball and Biscuit (White Stripes)


Freedom At 21
Take Me With You When You Go
Seven Nation Army (White Stripes)
Portland, Oregon (Loretta Lynn cover) with The Peacocks (the girls)

Some photos and videos I shot at the show: (all rights belong to the artist)

This is "Love Interruption" done without Ruby:

Here's "Weep Themselves to Sleep" with an awe-sum guitar solo....

The show began with this cool effect... the stage was mostly dark with an extreme angled spot light shining on jack White, creating a monstrous 30 foot Jack White shadow on the curtain behind him.

Jack seemed to be a bit off, maybe with the beginnings of a sore throat, and there was an off-kilter version early on of "Weep Themselves to Sleep", but even in the midst of chaos, you could see Jack White pulling the band together and in the end, put on a great show.

...and I have to see it's grand to see him getting to work with the big band he has always deserved and which his music often calls for. The White Stripes was, by definition, limited, being a two-piece, but that was the whole point, in a way. The Raconteurs, with two singer-guitarists, bass, keyboards, and drums, allowed a much fuller richer sound, which played well on Americana like "Carolina Drama". The Dead Weather? As much as I love The Kills' Alison Mosshart, it killed me (and I'm sure practically everyone else) to see Jack playing drums and only trotting out to the front of the stage with the guitar for 2 or 3 songs... being he is one of the greatest living guitarists and one of the greatest of all time really... I have 4 video versions that I shot of Jack and Alison duetting on "Will There Be Enough Water" that I shot in San Francisco, Coachella, Brooklyn, and Santa Fe that I would love to blend into one super-video one of these days....

But when word emerged that Jack was about to launch his solo debut album and tour, many people were understandably very excited. When we learned he was catholic enough (which we had previously learned courtesy of Stephen Colbert) to include many White Stripes songs, as well as Raconteurs, Dead Weather, and others in his new repertoire, the joy was palpable from Bangkok to Brooklyn and beyond. Some of us who had never seen The White Stripes in concert feared we would never see those songs performed live.

First we heard the marvelous single "Love Interruption" featuring the exquisite Ruby Amanfu, a few TV appearances, the full album, and the first shows.

I caught the Sasquatch show in Washington State last May.

Here are some photos I took there (they asked us not to post videos as they were doing one in-house):

I missed the show in Eugene, but was glad I was able to see the Portland show.

It was a great show, which you know if you were there. Some of the guitar solos were breathtaking. If you weren't there, I hope these photos and videos will give you some idea of how much fun we had that night. I worship at the Church of Rock n Roll, and one of our Highest Priests this century is named Mr. Jack White... All praise him!

the end of "Broken Boy Soldier" and a blistering "The Hardest Button to Button"...

Here's the classic "Ball and Biscuit"...

Great guitar work on "Take Me With You When You Go"....

One of the greatest songs EVAH...."Seven Nation Army...."

Jack then brought The Peacocks (the all-female group) to do the song "Portland, Oregon", which he originally did with Loretta Lynn... here he duets with the wonderful, delightful Ruby Amanfu....

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