Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wild Flag Rocked It Last Night!

Wow. Wild Flag really rocked it last night. They are playing again tonight here in Portland, their home town.

Uh, in case you haven't heard, and an amazingly number of nincompoops haven't, Wild Flag is a brand new all-female all-star foursome who have released their debut album and embarked on their first major tour.

I have been referring to Wild Flag as "feat. two members of Sleater-Kinney" and I suppose that is one accurate way of describing the band in a few seconds which many people will understand.

But Six Degrees of Separation from Wild Flag includes such luminaries as Stephen Malkmus, Bright Eyes, Eliot Smith, Sam Coomes/Heatmiser/Quasi... and that's just drummer Janet Weiss.... Guitarist/singer Carrie Brownstein is known and loved from NPR's All Songs Considered Podcast/Blog, and IFC's Portlandia, feat. Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen...

But the real surprise weapon in Wild Flag's arsenal is the guitar interplay between Carrie and fellow singer/guitarist Mary Timony, formerly with Helium.

(to be continued...)

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