Monday, March 28, 2011

Iron & Wine - Don't Judge That Book By His Cover!

I had certainly heard a lot about Iron & Wine. Critics seemed to love it, causing me to guess it was lousy. And the photo of the singer - a big, hairy, beardy dude, made me think I was in for some (more) rough bluesy folk, sung with an ironically creaky voice by some weird white guy trying to sound crazy and/or Black.

Oh, how wrong i can be!

I (finally) downloaded the album last night (along with a bunch of M. Ward, having heard him in a coffee shop on Haight St. and remembering how much I liked him) and surprise, surprise!  - beautiful clear production featuring a beautiful and clear voice. And the music is far from stereotypical, ranging from rock to pop and soul to i don't know what else...

Gonna have to get it a good listen today.

Glad to be proven wrong for once....

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